We are open and taking orders| Free UK shiping on all orders £25 and above
We are open and taking orders| Free UK shiping on all orders £25 and above


Hello, we are welivein_  a natural scent company, inspired by wellbeing and botanical aesthetic. We strive to make home scenting non-toxic, fun and incredibly beautiful.

Many home scent products are made with synthetic fragrances , which can be harmful when inhaled for the prolonged period of time. We created our range of natural products to help you to switch to all-natural, beautiful home fragrance, benefit from the incredible properties of essential oils and to take control of your mood both in your personal or working space. 

Smell is a fascinating sense with the ability to influence our feelings and emotions, bring back memories and has incredible power to enhance our mood and performance.

Our goal is to promote personal well being and create positive scent experience by formulating modern, all-natural fragrance alternatives. We believe the taking proactive control of the mood throughout the day significantly enhances the quality of any day to day activities.  We advocate benefits of natural ingredients such as essential oils, absolutes and herbal extracts and believe in the importance of self-care and being present in the moment whether we work, relax or sleep.

Founded in 2019 by Anna Kochan-Sonawane, welivein_ is a result a wonderful discovery off essential oils and their properties after years long struggle with symptoms of undiagnosed autoimmune condition.

After having a baby Anna’s health went into a dramatic decline for no apparent reason and took specialists years to come with the correct diagnosis. Discovering aromatherapy as a therapeutic outlet through this difficult period was life-changing and liberating.  Anna left her corporate career and embarked on a mission to show how natural, non-toxic scent can be not only beneficial but also carefully designed and incredibly stylish.

We hope our products inspire you to create your own unique blends and empower you to detoxify your home in a fun and elegant way.

Your space your fragrance!

welivein founder Anna Kochn-Sonawane