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Ceramic Diffuser


White, 120 ml Capacity

Our stunningly modern, ceramic essential oil diffuser gently humidifies your room, whilst permeating the air with a fine mist of natural fragrance, doubling as an elegant piece of decor. Heat free ultrasonic technology protects the molecular structure and integrity of the essential oils filling your personal space with natural aroma. Ideal for both home and small office spaces.

Materials Cap - Matte Porcelain Water Reservoir - High-quality BPA-free Plastic (PP, PC, ABS)
Specification Width: 8.6cm Height: 18cm Weight: 0.6kg Mist output: 30ml/hour Applicable Area: 5-20m2 Power Cord Length: 180cm
Operation Mode 180 min (3h) Continues Mode 480 min (8h) Intermittent Mode
Diffusion Method Ultrasonic Humidification Method

Turns off automatically when the time is up or water runs out


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