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Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is a well known fresh, cooling, herbal scent and it is used mainly for soothing and antimicrobial properties. Incredibly versatile can be used in many ways to fight headaches, colds but also stress and mental fatigue. Peppermint oil is best to be diffused in the morning to cue the brain to wake up naturally and to stimulate the mind and body. It's a very strong oil so be careful when using it and don't put Peppermint in the bath!

Our source: U.K

Scent Family: Herbal

How we use it:

To deepen your breath
Mix a few drops of Peppermint with coconut oil and Eucalyptus oil to make a homemade vapour rub (fantastic while you fly).
Diffuser blend
Mix 8 drops peppermint and 8 drops sweet orange for that wake me up, uplifting aroma.
Morning Routine
Add 2-3 drops of peppermint to your regular morning shampoo and conditioner to stimulate the scalp, energise your mind, and wake up naturally.


Blends well with eucalyptus, sweet orange and lemon oils.

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